We say goodbye with a kiss - 06/13/2013

The final topic of this season is the kiss. Kissing may seem harmless, but in many places in the world, it's actually quite a big deal. Ali in Pakistan is not even allowed to kiss his fiancee and 17 year old Karina from Peru saves her first kiss for the man she wants to marry.

Karina considers the moment she gives her first kiss as almost sacred. Therefore it makes her kind of nervous, but her friend Susan helps her out by teaching her a few kissing tricks in front of the mirror. Because when they go out and she bumps into Mr. Right, she wants to know how to handle him.

In the Chinese capital Beijing, kissing in public is very inappropriate. Restaurant Shao Rou Ren is breaking the rules with a very remarkable offer: ten seconds of french kissing in exchange for a free plate of beef tongue.  And as a customer you are allowed to do that with your date or with one of the members of the staff. Waiter Chezi benefits from this.

In the USA we take a kissing class together with actress Leah from New York. Over here she learns how to kiss with a random co-star, because these stage kisses take quite a lot of practice.

Next week in Metropolis: The kiss. Reports will be online on June 13 at 9.00 pm. 

The kiss is the last topic of this season. In november new reports will be online!


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