Trendy hipsters and fashionistas with a vision - 01/23/2014

Milena can't wait to drape herself in fashion for the masses, as she nervously awaits the opening of the first H&M in Estonia. But Lee-Chè and Ashwin from Johannesburg rather create their own exclusive outfits. Metropolis explores the world of fashion.

Milena from Estonia wants to go pretty far for fashion. Her appearance is very important to her and therefore she is ready to spend a whole night waiting for the first H&M to open its doors in Estonia. "Two years ago I heard that H&M was coming to Tallinn. I am the happiest person in the world. I've been here since 4 pm and there's another 13 hours to go, "says Milena while building up her camp between the security guards at the mall.

While Milena likes to wear what the market offers, Lee-Chè and Ashwin dread the idea of being told what to wear. Hence, they cut up sleeves to sew trousers out of them and turn t-shirts into hoodies.They dive into their messy room with clothes piled on top of each other, trying to find matching pieces to wear. Sadly their fellow South Africans don’t appreciate their sense for styling. They look down upon these fashionistas and find them looking ridiculous and too feminine. "Unfortunately, South Africa is very conservative. Many people still carry the Apartheid with them and because they were not free, they find that we can’t be free either," said Lee-Chè.

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The 14 -year-old Vesi from Bulgaria, is being prepped by her modeling agency to climb the runways of Asian fashion brands. Therefore she must learn to walk in a special way. And because her body is still growing, her dimensions are also measured regularly. "The waist is 25 inches. Your proportions are good but you could lose some weight in the waist area,” says the coach to the already extremely slim Vesi.

While some youngsters are led by the fashion industry, Kwami from Congo doesn’t let anyone tell him what to wear. He already picked up his sense of style when he was a child. He is a Sapeur: a well-dressed, elegant black man. He wanted to make a difference and that’s why he creates unusual clothing. Such as his skirt made out of ties, his masterpiece. “'I’m Kwami Longange Mukobelwa. I'm a star and a great Sapeur,” says Kwami, to whom looking fabulous comes naturally.

Report online Thursday January 30th at 9.00 GMT+1.

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