The Rough Guide - DIY (1) - 07/31/2014

In part one of our Rough Guide episodes you've seen some pretty special travel destinations. Do you want to know where and how you can experience this yourself? Here's a list for you, sorted by country:



What to do: Enjoy a spectacular performance from Michael Jackson imitator Chayanne, maracas included. He sings you 8 songs for €5,-;

Where: At the beaches of Pochomil;

When: Throughout the year. Nicaragua is best visited from november until april;

How to get there: From the capital Managua a bus departs every half hour to Pochomil. The drive takes about 1,5 hours.   


What to do: Honour your loyal pet during the dog celebrations of St. Lazarus;

Where: Masaya, Magdalena Church;

When: Next year the celebration will be on March 22nd;

How to get there: The church is located on the eponymous Avenida de Magdalena, in the South West of the city. From Julio Cesar park it’s about 13 minute walk southbound. The busterminal ‘Masaya-Uca’ is also within walking distance.  


What to do: Make a visit to the annual duck races en drink along with the locals. Not suited for the animal lover; 

Where: Los Tanques; 

When: Every year around August; 

How to get there: This village is a 10 minute drive from the capital Masaya. Take a cab from downtown. 



What to do: Feeling lonely? Rent a boyfriend in one of Tokyo’s ‘Host-Bars’ and pay €20,- for each of your, AND your date's drinks. 

Where: ‘Redlight District”, Kabukichō, Tokyo;   

When: All year round. Japan is best visited from april until october

How to get there: The red light district is best reachable from station Shinjuku. From thereon it’s just a short walk. Shinjuku is easily accessible since both metro and multiple train lines stop and depart from here. 


What to do: Worship the god of fertility in the Shinto ‘Penis Temple’;

Where: Kanayama, Kawasaki; 

When: All year round. On the 1st Sunday of April there’s the penis procession, where there’s a big pink penis involved. 

How to get there: The temple sits beside trainstation Kawasakidaishi. In this station the Keikyu Daishi Line connects the entire Kawasaki region. A train of this line departs every 5 to 10 minutes. If you’re travelling from a farther distance, you can change trains on Kawasaki station. 


What to do: Visit Onsen Yunessun en take a relaxing bath in wine, coffee or tea. Tickets cost between €12 and €20,-;   

Where: Hakone

When: All year round. Opening hours every day from 09:00 until 18:00; 

How to get there: From Tokyo you can reach the Onsen in about two hours with train and/or bus. Make sure you take the Odakyu Line at Shinjuku Station. This train departs 4 times an hour.  Get off at Hakone-Yumoto and switch trains or get a bus to Kowakidani station. From here the Onsen is only a 15 minute walk away.    



South Africa

What to do: Take a Township Tour by bike and eat a delicious chickenhead. A bike tour costs between €20,- and €30,-, a chickenhead or claw costs only €0,10;

 Where:  Township Alexandra, Johannesburg, 

When: The climate in South Africa allows you to travel comfortably all year round. The best months however, are march-april and august-september

How to get there: Most tours start at Marlboro Gautrain Station, where a train stops multiple times an hour. This trainline connects different places in and around Johannesburg.  



What to do: Behold the beautiful, passion gapped smiles of the Capetown people. Getting your own teeth pulled costs about €55,-. However finding a dentist who is willing to is -luckily- very difficult; 

Where: Cape Flats, Capetown;

When: The climate in South Africa allows you to travel comfortably all year round. The best months however, are march-april and august-september

How to get there: From the centre of Capetown a bunch of trains go to cities and villages on the Cape Flats. But it’s not recommended to wander about on your own. Rather book a Township tour.  


What to do: Party along on the August Metal Fest or the Metal Grinder Fest; 

Where: Gaborone

When: The August Metal Fest is held every year in August, the Metal Grinder Fest every year in oktober; 

How to get there: Gaborone is in the south-east of Botswana, laying close to the South African border. From Johannesburg a bus departs twice a day. The drive takes about 7 hours. From Franscistown and Maun busses, trains and domestic flights depart every day.   



What to do: Risk your life on bus route Peshawar - Landi Kotal, in the pass where the Taliban reigns. This drive is only 50km but takes up to 8 hours and is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. We strongly recommend you not to take this bus route;  

Where: Straight through the Khyberpass;

When: The best time to visit Pakistan is during it’s winter months. There is, however, a negative travel advice

How to get there: In Peshawar you can take a bus at the bus terminal. 


What to do:  If you don't take the risks too seriously, visit a Pakistani fair. The most populair attraction: the wheel of death. A ticket costs €0,60; 

Where: Throughout the land. In India this kind of fairs are also very common;  

When: The fair season is in the month following the Ramadan, this year that’s August; 

How to get there: Within Pakistani cities you can get around by taxi or motorised riksaw. Between the big cities the most convenient way is travelling by bus. There are multiple bus lines around.  


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