Take a ride with us around the world - 11/13/2013

From fancy disco buses in Kenya to the dangerous routes driver Arif has to bear in Pakistan. Next week, Metropolis is taking you for a bus ride.

Correspondent Carren in Kenya shows us how the never ending traffic jams in Nairobi are not so dull if you ride a Manyanga bus. Conductor Saidi will take us on a melodious ride in one of the trendy discobuses. According to Saidi it’s important to have 'swag' when you're a Manyanga conductor. "I have to dress up when I go to work," says Saidi. "I make sure that the colors of my outfit match. My t-shirt, shoes and hat have to match."

Pakistani busdriver Mohammad fears for his life and that of his passengers while driving on the dangerous roads that lead from Peshawar to Landi Kotal. When the most bumpy part of the ride is over, he lights up a joint for relaxation. "At the end of every exhausting ride I smoke a cigarette filled with weed for relaxation," says Mohammad. "The passengers don't mind, we know each other and I take good care of them."

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Even though it's a bumpy ride, at least Mohammad has his own bus. And that's more than driver Toussa from the small town of Tougan in Burkina Faso has. The buses he used to drive were in a poor state and that's why he had to change his ride for a robust truck. This one lasts longer, but is a lot less comfortable for the passengers: "We're always afraid the truck will capsize, we're always late and sometimes we have to spend the night in the truck, in the middle of the jungle. But it's the only way to get around," according to one of the passengers.

Reports will be online Thursday November 21st at 9.00 pm.

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