Summer with Metropolis - 07/18/2014

Not everyone enjoys laying back on the beach and do nothing at all while on holiday. Therefore Metropolis brings you the Rough Guide. Our correspondents have visited some remarkable places over the years, and we’re showing you were to go! 

In the first episode we start our journey in Nicaragua. Here you can enjoy performances of Chayanne, the Michael Jackson imitator from the Pochomil beaches. Or you can go rougher, and visit the traditional, annual duck races throughout the country. For the Asia travelers it's all about spirituality and relaxation: in Japan you can visit Onsen where you can take a bath in wine, coffee or green tea, or you go thank the god of fertility in the penis temple in Kawasaki. And, when in South Africa, we don't choose a regular safaribut go on Townshiptour in Johannesburg or Capetown by bike. Here you can eat chickens' heads and claws for very little money and smile to Capetown's passion gaps.

The second rough guide episode we go pet crocodiles in Burkina Faso, eat at the Heart Attack Grill restaurant in Las Vegas and we travel to China. If you want to make a day trip like the Chinese do, you visit the Drawf Empire in Kunming.

Some reruns of recent episodes will also be broadcasted on Dutch television channel Nederland 3.    

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