Stay in charge of annoying animals - 12/12/2013

In this episode of Metropolis, we will see how humans keep in charge of annoying animals. Park ranger Leonard shows baboons who's the man in Knysna, by expanding his chest and roaring at them like a true baboon alpha male would.

The monkeys in the South African Knysna are on a hunt for easy food and their victims are the wealthy inhabitants of the Pezula Resort. Park ranger Leonard found a funny way to show the baboons who's the boss. He makes baboon noises to tell the baboons that he is the alpha male. "They need to know that I am the alpha male. In order to show them I am I make myself big and I make a warning cry," explains Leonard before he starts roaring like a baboon.

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Bears are curious and spend a great deal of time looking for food; this can bring them close to humans. There are many bears in New Jersey and over the years the number is growing and that means growing opportunities for conflict between the two species. They have hurt pets and broken into homes. Kelsey and Meredith educate people on how to minimize contact with bears. They also set animal friendly traps in which they use American doughnuts to catch the bear.

The Yemeni Ali finds stray dogs despicable because they are noisy and carry diseases with them. That's why he tries to eliminate the dogs and he does that by throwing stones at them. The reason he eliminates them is because most dogs have rabies and it can be fatal if it’s transmitted to humans. Ali wants to protect his children from getting bitten by a dog.

Report online Thursday December 19th at 9.00 GMT+1.


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