Start the new season with 'swag' - 10/07/2013

Her large bum is perfectly in shape according to Thash from Johannesburg. In one of the first episodes of the new season, we discover why having a big derriere is desirable in South Africa.


Another season with captivating stories from all over the globe has almost arrived. You can enjoy new reports on the 21st of November. In one of the first episodes we meet Thash who will teach us how to keep our booty in perfect shape for 'twerking': a dance for which a dancer shakes her hips up and down in a sexy way to please the male crowd. And let’s be honest, in South Africa you need a big rear-end to do that.
In the episode The Bus we take a ride with a Kenyan bus conductor with 'swag'. Saidi works on a 'manyanga', a bus in which Rihanna's music is being played and where flashy lights make it a true party on wheels. Therefore the conductor has to look good equally flashy. "I have to dress up when I go to work," says Saidi. "I make sure that the colors of my outfit match. My t-shirt, shoes and hat have to match." In Egypt driving isn't a celebration at all. Our correspondent in Cairo met a bus driver who's challenged on a daily basis to avoid making fatal accidents because of the chaotic traffic in Egypt.
Another episode of our 13th season is about animal trouble. Rats eat and destroy the rice plants on the local fields. Farmer Rafi and his colleagues catch the rats with their bare hands and kill them. This way the rice fields stay clean and they earn money by removing rats from the fields, a win-win situation. But in Yemen Saleh Ahmed haunts on dogs purely out of hate. According to him he does this because they are noisy at night. And that’s why he gets rid of them in a somewhat extreme way.
We've made an episode about the penis in season 11, so of course we had to make one about the vagina as well. Granny Asha teaches a few ladies in Mombasa the fine art of vaginal tightening. And Rodeku in Japan is a Japanese artist who makes action figures out of molds of her vagina. Her dream is to one day use the mold to make a ‘pussy boat’.
The other themes are: Bathing Habits, Fashion Victims, Covered versus Naked, Chocolate, and It's Over.

These and other stories from all over the world in a new Metropolis season. New reports will be posted online starting November 21st.


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