Outsiders - 06/02/2013

All over the world there are people who fall by the wayside. People who are outcasts and being stared at. But even if you are outside the group, there is always someone who takes care of you. Next week Metropolis is looking for the black sheep and their shepherds in the world. Check out a preview!


There is living much 'riff-raff' in the South African Fietas district. Therefore you have to go pretty far to be seen as an outsider. Jan has made it to be the outsider of the neighborhood though. "He's crazy. It looks like he's a circus act," neighbors say about Jan. Jan dances on the street in a pink bra, with a bottle of beer to his toothless mouth all day. Jan used to be a postman. With the abolition of Apartheid, he lost his job to the 'blacks', he explains. Because of the drinking he became down in the world. But every outcast has a guardian angel. For Jan that is his landlord Marius, who takes Dirty Jan under his wing.


Lilibeth from the Philippines is also being stared at by her neighbors. She is a small person, which the most Filipinos do not really like. "If I see a dwarf like her, I run away as fast as I can," her neighbor says. But Lilibeth is not letting herself daunted, and found her salvation in the 'Hobbit House', a bar where all the employees are little. They serve drinks and food and entertain the guests on stage. "Customers find us special. They insult us sometimes, but I ignore those comments," Lilibeth says wisely. Despite the dwarf jokes people make, she is pleased to have a paid job in the Hobbit House in Manila. 

Reports on Outcasts will be online on Thursday june 6, 9pm. 

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