On patrol with the police - 05/22/2013

Next week Metropolis hits the road with the police. Our correspondent in Brazil went out to look for drug bosses in the favela's of Rio together with the fearless Elite Special Forces. And in Pakistan we follow the singing traffic-cop Wazir for one day. He is one of the many corrupt cops in Karachi. 

"If everyone takes bribes, then why should I feel guilty?" Wazir says after he asked a car driver without a licence to pay some rupees. With this money he can buy a cup of tea. Wazir is one of the many cops in Pakistan who has to bribe to supplement his low salary. "Our highest officer even obligates it, because he shares the profit. So we have to." This is Wazir's excuse for his impopulairity with the inhabitants of Karachi. 



With the upcoming World Cup, the Brazilian government tries to put the favela's of Rio in order. Therefore the cops of the heavily armed Elite Special Fores BOPE are looking for drugs, and drug dealers in in the slums. The well trained and heavily armed officers set off. "We are going to retake an area. Until recently many of Rio's favela's were dominated by drug dealers." BOPE officer Germano explains. "I've shoot someone before, in this work it's difficult not to use any action." He claims calmly.

Metropolis on the police. Reports will be online on Thursday May 23, at 9 pm. 

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