Off the beaten track with Metropolis (1) - 07/29/2014

Thursday 31 July on Dutch channel Nederland 3: Metropolis' Rough Guide, part 1. We take you on a trip around the world. Here's what to expect.

A heavy metal festival in Botswana brings relief to the headbanger on safari and if you are a gastronomical daredevil you can enjoy the chicken heads on the streets of Alexandra township, straight from the barbecue. 

But we start with tips from laid back Nicaragua. On the Pochomil beaches you can watch the shows of Chayanne, Metropolis' favorite acoustic Michael Jackson imitator.

If you like it rougher, you can get your kicks in this Central American country just as good. During the annual duck races the Nicaraguenses prove a traditional festival does not have to be boring. A remarkable part of the fest is a horse back ride in which the drunk riders have to try and pull of a duck's head. It's a true authentic look inside in the Nicaraguan culture. 

Asia lovers will enjoy the visit to Kawasaki's penis temple, in which you can buy libido enhancing souvenirs. And correspondent Mao dives into Tokyo's nightlife. She and single lady Keiko went to the red light district to visit a ladies' club, in which you can order a boyfriend for one night to keep you company in the bar. It's not cheap though, since you're expected to pay for all of his drinks too.

Finally we go to the townships of Johannesburg, South Africa. In Alexandra it's best to get around accompanied by a tour guide, who will for sure give you a taste of the local specialty: barbecued chicken heads and intestines, prepared by one of the mama's on the corner of the street.

Metropolis' Rough Guide will be online available on August 1.

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