Nudity, how far will you go? - 12/19/2013

We will be back shortly after New Year’s on the 9th of January with a juicy topic. Metropolis will have a look into the world of nudists and of covered women. Where on earth do people show the most skin? Saffa from Egypt won’t leave her house without her burqa whilst Julian enjoys sunbathing on the beaches of the Canary Islands totally naked.

The fortunate Julian lives on Gran Canaria, where everyone is allowed to be naked outside. " The climate is warm here. For me then it’s a natural thing to take my clothes off," says Julian. People are not really fond of Julian’s love for nudity, they frequently insult him and his friend when he’s naked on the beach. "Nudism is often associated with homosexuality. But we 're not gay, we just like to sunabathe undressed, " says Julian. "It's not about being covered or naked, but about freedom and respect for liberty."

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Freedom has a different meaning for the Egyptian Saffa. She wears a burqa which covers everything except her eyes when she goes outside. “Women are precious in Islam. If you have something precious, you have to protect it and keep it in a safe place,” according to Saffa. And that’s why she covers everything except her eyes. Decency is defined differently in each and every culture, what’s decent in one country is not decent in another.

Speaking of decency, it's expected for people that go to church. The evangelical nudist David and his wife from the conservative U.S. state of Oklahoma think otherwise. People here don’t believe that there is a conflict between religion and nudism. According to David it was the Lord in person that pointed him and his wife the way to the small nudist community, where they have all found themselves. "It doesn’t matter to the Lord whether you wear clothes or not. He is the all-seeing and all-knowing entity," says the naked churchgoer. "He also sees us as we shower, so why hide it?"

Report online Thursday January 9th at 9.00 GMT+1.


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