New episodes coming - 07/31/2014

In four weeks our brand new season starts with this time a whopping 11 episodes. Here a peek into the first two episodes: condoms and weed.  


We kick off the season with an episode about the condom. China is one of the biggest condom producers of the world. But the Chinese themselves aren't using them that much. We Dutchies do not particularly like them either, yet we do want to protect ourselves from STD's and unwanted pregnancies. Why is that thin piece of latex bothering us so much? During our investigations on the worldwide love-hate relationship with the condom, we've found some people with remarkable alternatives. Such as a plastic bag in Congo and a spray-on condom in Germany. And we visit a rubber plantation in the Brazilian Amazone where the material for the eco-condom is cultivated. 


In the second episode we enter the world of weed. How the world thinks about this plant is changing. We see how the use of cannabis is medically beneficial for a 9 year old girl from New York. And for traumatized ex-soldiers from Israel it is a super relaxed form of therapy. 


Other covered themes in this season are the tattoo, the pig, and the orgasm. 


Broadcasted on Dutch television from August 28th, every thursday, 21:30 on Nederland 3, and available on our website. 



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