Metropolis is lifting skirts - 11/21/2013

Metropolis lifted up skirts around the world. What's on women's mind when it comes to their most private part, the vagina? 

In Kenya a group of ladies is discussing how to maintain their private parts and keep them in shape by putting blocks of chlorine into their "V's". But in Japan you can't really talk to anyone about your vagina. Rokudenashiko uses her own vagina to break the taboo. "Vagina is nothing but a three letter word. I don't want people to get upset when I say it," says vagina artist Rokudenashiko.   

The fact that talking about the vagina is taboo in Japan does not matter to Japanese artist Rokudenashiko. She is bothered with the slur that surrounds the vagina and wants to break the ice by making everyday objects like phone cases and car toys based on the shape of her very own vagina. Her dream is to make a life size ‘pussy boat’ and set sail across the ocean.

Grandma Asha from Kenya teaches women how to take care of their vagina since forty years now. This way they are guaranteed of a succesful mariage, according to grandma Asha. In Mombasa having multiple bedpartners is a sign of masculinity. Hence these women insert chloridesalt, for a tight and dry vagina, to keep their husbands at their sides. 

Reports online Thursday November 28th at 9.00 pm GMT+1. 

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