Metropolis at Sprout Film Festival New York - 05/30/2013

Reports of Metropolis are frequently screened at film festivals all over the world. This weekend two of our reports on Down Syndrome will be screened at the Sprout Film Festival in New York. The festival focusus on films about people with developmental disabilities. 

'Breaking the cage' tells the story of the Cambodian Savary, who is locked up in a cage. Many Cambodians think Down syndrome is contagious. Moreover they think it is caused by bad karma of a child’s parents. When her parents leave, Savary therefore is locked up in a cage, often the whole day. In this situation recently something has changed: Savary visits a school a few days a week.


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'Thinking about the future in Russia' is about Lena, who raises her daughter with Down Syndrome all by herself. 85 percent of Russian children with Down is handed over to the state by their parents. But the institutions don’t have special treatments for Downies and conditions are bad. Lena decided to raise her daughter Masja herself. She had to find out everything without any help and she worries about her child’s future.


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The Sprout Film Festival in New York will take place from Friday May 31 to Sunday June 2. Read more about it here

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