Looking forward to Summer season 2014 - 02/06/2014

Tonight is the last episode of this season.This yummy episode is about chocolate, in which farmer N'da Alphonse tastes chocolate for the first time in his life, whilst Allison from Australia can eat up a whole kilo of the good stuff in one go. But don’t worry! Before you know it we’ll be back with a brand new season with no less than 13 episodes.

In the new season of Metropolis, we enter the world of weed. Marijuana is illegal in most countries, but that doesn’t keep the world citizens in this episode from getting stoned. Weed is one of the most popular drugs in the world for a reason.

In another episode, we step on the motor bike and take a ride around the world looking for local stories about the bike. In Indonesia, this vehicle is the most practical means of transport to make your way through the busy traffic of Jakarta. Somewhere else this two-wheeler serves to move complete families from A to B. But in India, this noise maker is literally being worshipped and seen as a status symbol.

The condom is a product which most people find quite a hassle to use. In the Netherlands it’s available almost everywhere, but that isn't the case in every country around the globe. In some countries it is a quest to find them. In the next season we will pay attention to this rubber thing, also named the second skin of the man.

These and other stories from all over the world in a new Metropolis season. New reports will be posted online starting July 31st.

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