Last season's favorites - 09/26/2013

While we are working hard on producing our upcoming episodes, we also like to look backwards. Which reports caught our eyes? Which were the ones that surprised or moved us? In random order:

Police in South Africa

Our correspondent Lindy surprised us with a story from the violent Johannesburg, South Africa. About 400 citizens decided to hire Ronald, an ex-criminal, to safeguard their homes. The reason? They do not trust the police nor government enough.

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Free women in Pakistan

High on our list of favorites is Mudassar's report on free woman Shehla in Pakistan. Since Shehla has a job as a singer, her husband Mushtaq had to take on the obligations of the household. Our correspondent Mudassar finds this hard to understand.

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Sex guru in Kenya 

'Be a one-stop-shop for you husband, then he will never go looking for it with another woman.' 

Before she is getting married, Rose from Nairobi gets some lessons from the local sex guru Mrs Mungai. The secret to a good marriage is good sex, says Mrs Mungai, sharing her wisdom without hesitation with maidenly Rose and her friends.

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Gold in Pakistan

A shocking insight into the lives of gold seekers in Pakistan. Underneath a big shopping mall, young men dive into the smelly sewers of Karachi, looking for washed away snippets of gold. It's one of our correspondent Kazim's remarkable stories.

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Dancing in Mexico

‘She looks like a piñata in that dress, the cursed.’

‘I curse you.’

‘I know you heard me, my love.’

The Mexican Jose Louis and Lullis met while dancing, more than thirty years ago. They are lovers ever since.

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Dancing in South Africa

Dancing to stay off the streets in the slums of Orange Farm, Johannesburg. The tight rhythms of the Pantsula made Pele improve his lifestyle. Instead of stealing BMWs, he now dances to make money. Pele's brother does not really understand this career switch and Pele's girlfriend does not trust him anymore since he's regularly on stage with beautiful women. A portrait of a swinging though rough life in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Weddings in Spain

'This is what we die for. The honor.'

El Baci, Sevilla, Spain. Soraya gives an extraordinary present to her soon to be mother in law as dowry: the proof of her virginity on a towel. It leads to an exuberant party. A wonderful insight into a traditional Roma wedding.

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Gold in the USA

Last time I found a chunk of 15 grams, I yelled like a high-school girl.'
One of our correspondents from the 
USA sent us a filmic portrait of Dan Durack, a man who has got goldfever since 18 years. Occasionally Dan gets a bit lonely hence the real goldfever ended a 150 years ago. The strumming and singing of Eddie Vedder, the beautiful scenery and the personal interview make you feel as if you are sitting in Dan's campervan yourself, together with his two dogs.

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November 21st new reports will be online.

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