Gold fever - 05/09/2013

Next week, Metropolis is looking for the most coveted piece of metal on earth: Gold. We dive into the world of gold fools and gold prospectors, from dirty sewers in Pakistan to a beauty salon in South Korea.

Dan is looking for tiny grains of gold in California. He claims to relive the gold rush. It's a hard job, the proceeds are often disappointing and he's doing it all by himself, accompanied by his dogs. "I've had partners, but they didn't work as hard as I do, or they were thiefs. Gold makes people greedy, " he explains. 

Because when you do it right, you can earn a lot. Like Danish from Pakistan. He manages the disposal of the gold market in Karachi, which produces good revenues. He has many young paupers employed who seek in waste and smelly sewers from the goldsmiths for small pieces of gold for their chief.

Nu Guem from South Korea lubricates the gold rather on her face. A gold treatment cleans her skin and keeps her face beautifully pale. 

 Watch a preview here.

Reports on gold will be online on Thursday May 16, 9 pm.  

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