Free women - 05/15/2013

Here in the Netherlands we find ourselves awfully emancipated. But what about women in Pakistan, for example? In a region of the country where women traditionally have nothing to say, Metropolis found a breadwinner of the female species: Shehla Kahn. Completely against all traditions, she is the boss at home and her husband Mushtaq does the household. Next week Metropolis will make a tour along liberated women, and men under the thumb.

Shehla has nothing to complain. While her husband Mushtaq goes for shopping, changes dirty diapers and scrubs toilets, she stays in bed untill 12:00 noon
. Shehla is a singer and often performs in the evening to earn money for her family. A very special family situation in the Swat Valley, on the border with Afghanistan. Our local correspondent Mudassar doesn't understand how the man of the family can deal with his independent wife.

Josephine from Ouagadougou puts on her blue overalls of the bike mechanic every day. She can keep standing in the men's world of fine mechanics. "I am the first female motorcycle mechanic from Burkina Faso," Josephine says proudly.

Armed with posters, Gor from Armenia proclaims on the streets that women should cover their belly buttons and shouldn't wear short skirts. Gor thinks this kind of emancipation is something bad, and claims that the traditional Armenia must be maintained. 

Metropolis on free women. Reports will be online on May 23, 9 pm.

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