Fitness tips from around the world - 11/28/2013

Staying in shape is a challenge to most people in the world. In this episode, fanatic fitness gurus and pumped up bodybuilders will show us how they stay slim and fit in their countries. We find Haroon training against his family's will to become Pakistan's next bodybuilding champion while super slim Joanna Rohrback from the United States demonstrates her very own fitness method.

Joanna's Prancercise workout went viral on YouTube in the Summer of 2013 and instantly turned her into a classic fitness guru with a large amount of fans. Prancercise is a combination of dancing, muscular exercise and prance. That is, to prance like a horse. Joanna has been prancing since 1989 and has since developed different levels within the program. It may look a little silly, but if we can get in shape like 61-year-old Joanna is, we'll be happy to prance along.

Mrs. Zhang Xingui from China has created her own successfull workout as well: square dancing. Mrs. Zhang once started out small, but has filled up the square in her neighborhood with the women in her very own dance class by now. These ladies practice the steps of the routine for an hour every day. Her husband considers square dancing 'not done' for poor farmers like themselves, but the effect the workout has on her body is of more value to Mrs. Zhang then her husband's old-fashioned opinion.

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Being a bodybuilder in Pakistan, Haroon is also deprived of support from his environment. His family doesn't understand why he wastes his time in the gym, while he is at the same time also perfectly capable of helping his mother around the house. But Haroon knows what keeps him going: "Before I was bodybuilding, I was a total show-off. But these days I keep the buttons of my blouse neatly tied as I walk down the streets," says Haroon, who actually turned into a very decent guy because of bodybuilding.

Thash and Nosh prove an attractive figure does not always come with blood, sweat and tears. The ladies with their big buttocks actually have the ideal body according to many South African men. "We eat bread, chips, sausage and bacon. At least three times a week," explains Nosh. This is how she keeps her bum in shape for shaking it silly during her Smash Twerkerz performances. They make the men go crazy in the Johannesburg clubs with their sexy assmoves. And what does it take to do that? Exactly, a beautiful big butt.

Report online Thursday December 5th at 9.00 GMT+1.

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