Divorce: troublemakers and mediators - 01/09/2014

How do couples worldwide cope with separation? We find lawyers, fathers and other family members who try to solve the problem or make the divorce go as smoothly as possible.

Regardless of wealth or age, people divorce for all the usual reasons such as deception, infidelity, or mental or physical abuse. Gupreet Singh’s reason as to why he wants to divorce his wife is one of a kind. "Actually, eggs are also the cause for our separation. She sometimes eats 30 eggs a week. And eggs are very expensive." His spouse Preeti got fed up by his accusations and went to her brother’s house.

Instead of going to her brother’s house, Nepalese Shialja stays with her hubby Kamlesh. They are trying to solve things by involving her parents. Because after all it was their parents who arranged their marriage. Shialja and Kamlesh listen while her father mediates. “When I gave away my daughter, I adopted a son. So it’s my task to help you both with your marital problems,” says Shialja’s father, who also shares the following marital advice with us. “You need to improve yourself, be wise and learn to compromise.”

Whilst parents have a lot of experience in the relationship field, it isn’t a bad idea to hire a professional to help you divorce. In Oklahoma city, the divorce capital of the USA, you can knock on divorce attorney Lawrence Goodwin’s door 24/7. He drives through the city in a divorce van that also serves as an office, complete with computer, printer and hifi-sound installation in which he plays country songs about lost loves. Lawrence knows good tricks to force ex-husbands to pay alimony. So success is assured for Shannon, who wants to win a custody battle with the help of Lawrence.

Report online Thursday January 16th at 9.00 GMT+1.

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