Bathing habits around the world - 12/05/2013

In this episode we take a shower and soak ourselves in the tub. Surjan from India takes ample time for a bathing ritual in a sacred river 700 kilometers from his home. He believes in the healing power of the holy water.

Carlos from the United States also firmly believes in the "power of shower". After a day on the streets, nothing is better than a hot shower for this homeless New Yorker. Carlos washes himself in the Franciscan brothers care center in the Bronx. According to Carlos taking a shower is very important for a homeless person. "You have to be clean, that's where your foundation is. It shows you that you you want to build back up to somewhere you want to be at, " explains Carlos. He goes into the shower with a razor and a bar of soap to experience the "power of the shower ".

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Bathing and showering are not only done for the sake of getting clean. Surjan from India takes a holy dip in the sacred pond at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. As an honest Sikh, he believes in the healing power of the holy water, which will hopefully end the excruciating pain in his feet. "My wife and I visit the shrine every month. I strongly believe that bathing and worship will take away my pain," says Surjan, preparing for the 700 kilometer long train journey to Amritsar. Our new Indian correspondent Jasvinder travels along with him.

And of course you can also take a bath for fun. The happy Konda family entertain themselves in the "Hot Yunessun Experience", a traditional Japanese hot spring with a twist. They do not come here for the virtues of mineralized water, but get themselves sprayed with wine and coffee instead. "It's just nice to dip your body into some crazy liquid," said Ms Konda while bathing in the wine basin. Next: the coffee bath!

Report online Thursday December 12th at 9.00 GMT+1.


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