A day in the life of the teacher - 01/16/2014

Above all, Mr. Kadir has to be a homie for his students. In his school in one of the most dangerous areas of Chicago he provides the only hide out from the hostile environment the kids live in. A day in the life of teachers worldwide.

Mr. Kadir teaches at a high school for drop-outs, in the South Side ghetto of Chicago. He knows exactly what his students are going through, because he’s got the same background and knows they have a tough life. That’s why he wants to give them an opportunity to succeed and get a degree. Kadir inspires his students to make something out of their lives. Therefore he is more than a teacher to his students. "For some of us, he is a father figure," according to one of the girls in his class.

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Teacher Mutahi thinks such a soft approach will not work in Kenya. He thinks a whip on the hand is the perfect method. He uses a stick to discipline students, so that they may work harder in the future and not make the same mistake again. "I do not think beating is bad for the kids. Since 2010 it is prohibited by law in Kenya, it’s a struggle for me" admits teacher Mutahi. The children themselves are used to it. "Such punishments are good. They beat the stupidity out of you so you won’t repeat the same mistake again," says one of his students approvingly about Mr. Mutahi's practice.

Mr. Rajesh from India has got his own form of alternative education. Rajesh founded the 'bridge school', where he gives free lessons to children from the slums who are too poor and have no financial abilities to pay for an education. Under a railway bridge he builds up his ‘portable’ school class and teaches children math and language for tho hours. He does it out of charity, but in return he wants them to work hard.

Reports online Thursday January 23rd at 9.00 GMT+1.

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